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28 July 2005 @ 10:34 pm
Big Brother this year is absolutely mental. Who do I want to win? Hmmmm gotta be a close call between Derek and Kemal, but I really think that Eugine is a dark horse! *Giggles at the "That's not a coconut, that's a brok-a-nut!" line*

You know, men are so fickle. And so assuming. So, yeah, that's all I'm gonna say on that one!

I see that all my HP friends are going HBP crazy, I guess I missed the wagon with that huh? Still, I'll play the "I've had enough HP in the past 8 months to do me a lifetime!! *spazes out* " excuse....yeah?

Okay, gotta go, cup of tea and Big Brother Derek goodness ("Ohhhh I feel like Churchill!!" */squee*) to go and enjoy :P

Let me know if y'all are still alive ♥
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10 July 2005 @ 02:42 pm
You know, I always thought that I was a person who loved spoilers and to know what happens in the next HP book.

I now know I am not.

The ammount of people posting the book online, intentionally, is unbelievable. Helen and I (from MN.com) stopped a group of people who were going to register on CoS and intentionally post the biggest spoiler of the book. To be mean. How screwed up is that?

I have to make a point. I'm not bothered if people have the book, but for the love of the sweet lord, surely they know that posting it online is gonna get them into trouble.

At least 10 people have posted the book, or a certain page of the book, online for others to share. As I've been the only one on news duty tonight on the site, I've been the only one attending to the emails coming through the news tips address.

I hope by ranting about this people dont think Im stuck up or whatever, I just dont want the book ruined for the fans as it's been ruined for me. And yes, to put the icing on the cake I did call scholastic about the people who had posted it online. I stand by my actions.
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05 July 2005 @ 11:47 pm
Oh my God. My friends are total and complete idiots.

So you all know that on Friday I went to see Coldplay with Mic. My friend Fiona (from work)was working for the company who operates all of the gigs in Scotland (including T In the Park, the upcoming Pixies gig next month, Party in the Park and all that....).

So Fiona manages to get my mate Julie (who also works with us) last minute VIP passes to the Saturday Coldplay gig.

Rewind to Sunday morning <<

I walk into work, and Julie is through the back of the shop sorting through the delivery.

Me: Hey babe! How was last night?
Julie: OMG I MET GAV FROM SUPERGRASS!! (Supergrass were supporting Coldplay on their UK tour)
Me: Yeah? They were pretty good in Friday night's set. What did you say when you met him?
Julie: I said to him, (she was completely drunk at the time) "Oh my God Gav Im sorry for being such a complete f*cking spaz but you guys were f*cking amazing tonight!"
Me: Right.....(at this point Im looking at her Ron-Weasley-awkward-look)
Julie: Then I said to him, "You know what f*cking pisses me off? That you guys are the most underrated band in Britain, really f*cking pisses me off man."
Me: *Cue another Ron-Weasley-look*

Fast Forward to Monday night >>

Fiona and I are in work on the delivery shift so we get to talk about her working at Coldplay that weekend.

Me: So come on, tell me all the goss, how was Coldplay? (I had an incling she might have met the band cos she met Danny from McFly at a gig the previous week)
Fiona: Oh my God Claire. I met the three guys from the band who weren't Chris Martin. (such a nice way to put it)
Me: Omg! What did you say to them?
Fiona: *feeble tone* Well, you see *clears throat* I was sat having drinks in the VIP area with a couple of other crew members, and like apparently they were sat with us.....I didnt even know who they were!
Me: So, you sat having drinks with the three guys from Coldplay and, to clarify, they weren't Chris Martin. And you didnt know they were 3/4 of the band?
Fiona: Yes.
Me: What did you all talk about?
Fiona: Cludo and murder mystery games.....
Me: You stupid cow......
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02 July 2005 @ 11:54 pm

It was amazing, really really really amazing :D I got video clips to show you, but they wont send from my fone to the stupid email :O Will try and figure it out soon tho!!

click for cold goodnessCollapse )

We were kinda close to the front, so you might be able to see very tiny lego features of Chris Martin and the rest of the band (who are kinda hot...) in there somewhere :D

Who watched live 8 (or more to the point, who didnt)? And what was Brad Pitt doing on stage in London? Quite coincidental that Miss Jolie was just down the road in Cornwall at the Eden project dont we think?

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01 July 2005 @ 12:35 pm
It's sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go and get a shower and stuff and we'll leave at about 3, better not start to piss down later on >.
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30 June 2005 @ 09:13 pm
Why does it take ages to make an icon? Its so odd, I was working for like 2 hours and only made four ~.-

*sigh* not too much happening except Im going to see Coldplay tomorrow :D!!!!!!!!! So can't wait, my first proper proper proper gig!!!

If you haven't seen it already (and the US ppl reading this wont have) Most Haunted is absolutely amazing. If you have ftn on freeview or living tv on sky make a point of seeing this, its unbelievable! So that's mine and Mic's obsession for this month :P

Hopefully hearing back some time next week about the job I applied for in Abbey (formerly Abbey National). I thought I did really well in the interview, and the lady gave me a call back the other day to say that they're still processing my application. They wouldn't process it further if I hadn't done well in the interview...would they?

There was crazy thunder and rain today, better not happen tomorrow at the gig or I wont be impressed, Coldplay will probably cancel the gig if it is :(

*hugs f-list*
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23 June 2005 @ 03:22 am
Omg I'm so tired, like for real. It's 3am and I must be some sort of nocturnal creature >.> The sun is starting to rise! jeez....

I have to accomodate this post to say CONGRATS TO LOU!!!!!!!!! I saw your post on Tues and was like "OMG OMG!!" congrats honey, you deserve a wonderful guy like Mat.

Okay, where am I? All I can hear at the moment is Mic's computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and these wee dudes going "Sup Nigga? Sup Foo'? Im gonna cut yo' arm out wi' a 'nife dude". Not good bedtime entertainment I can tell you :(

Josh has just finished the search feature for the MuggleNet Encyclopedia. Yay! I was really worried on the launch that we'd be critisized to death for trying to imitate the lexicon, but there has actually been a relatively low ammount of comments saying that which is always cool. The whole sections likely getting a re-haul very soon, changing the layout a bit more to make it far more user friendly.

21 days to HBP!!! Is that right? I can't believe I just did that.

I think Im losing weight, I havent been eating much the past few days. Always good :D

I need to go cos Im babbling, will update soon

*hugs* f-list

C xox
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13 June 2005 @ 10:50 pm
Got 8 new HP icons today:


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10 June 2005 @ 02:42 pm
Stolen from Lou:

See my comment statisticsCollapse )

So not popular....
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26 May 2005 @ 07:48 pm
Can we have a moment of silence plz?

What a man. What a team. What a night.

Thats all that needs said on that! Normal schedule will resume shortly. And look! I get to use my ecstatic mood theme!

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